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Peppy Valentine's African Print Bedsheets Will Instantly upgrade your bedroom

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

There’s upgrading your bedroom style, and then there’s elevating it. Peppy Valentine, a one-of-a-kind home decor business, has just the right bedding to take your bedroom from basic to stunning.

Peppy Valentine sheets are made from a high-quality fiber blend and feature Ankara prints, which are bright and bold designs often found in west African culture. According to owner Stephanie Kennedy, the bedsheets are “crafted to elevate the experience of culture within your home.”

The business gets its unique name from Kennedy’s childhood nickname, Peppy, and co-owner and daughter Whitney’s birth on Valentine’s Day.

“My daughter actually used to go by Peppy Valentine in college, and when she suggested that name, I loved it,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy is an avid traveler, and one of her favorite places to travel is Africa. She has been around the continent numerous times. During her travels, Kennedy couldn’t help but absorb the vibrant cultures and become inspired by the beauty of African fabrics.

The birth of the Peppy Valentine bedsheets came from a conversation Kennedy had with her business partner after one of her trips to Africa. Kennedy was gushing about her love of African print and clothes when her business partner proposed the idea of African print bedsheets. Despite being in real estate, the business owner always had a creative side and interest in interior design.

Kennedy is what she calls a “serial entrepreneur” and has been in business for herself for over 30 years. Despite this, Kennedy never found a way to incorporate the diaspora into one of her businesses. The bedsheets are a way for everyone in the African diaspora to have a piece of heritage with them.

You, too, can bring a little culture into your home with these soft-to-the-touch Kente bed sheets that come in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

Shop Peppy Valentine today!

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